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Group Transportation You Can Count On

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Providing Reliable and Affordable Group Car and Shuttle Transportation Service in California

Plush Transportation will discover the best bus transportation solution for your party, no matter what the event is. Plan a shuttle service for your wedding or corporate event, take your students on an unforgettable field trip, or go on a team-building retreat with your church group or sports team. Plush Transportation arranges shuttles for large-scale events of various kinds, ensuring that groups can travel across California with ease. We’ve got you covered no matter where you travel.

Transportation Services for Events

Plush Transportation makes birthday parties, intimate weddings, corporate conferences, class vacations, and more possible. Plush Transportation will identify the appropriate motor coach for your event, whether you require shuttle services or long-distance transportation.

Services for Business Travel

With Plush Transportation on your side, shuttle services, airport transfers, and long-distance journeys are a breeze. Whether you require a single tiny minibus or a fleet of unique models dedicated to your group, we’ll manage all of your group transportation needs for your next corporate event. You’ll make a lasting impression on all passengers with premium facilities and elegant interiors.

Shuttle Services for Weddings

Plush Transportation offers day-of wedding shuttle services to ensure that your special day runs smoothly from beginning to end. Guests will appreciate the roomy accommodations on your shuttle as your driver safely drives everyone from the ceremony to the reception and lodging. We’re here to make sure your wedding goes off without a hitch, no matter what your group transportation needs are.

Transportation for Sports Teams

Ensure that you and your players travel in total comfort by providing roomy cabins, lots of storage space for your equipment, and premium amenities. Allow a team of expert drivers to take care of the navigation so you can concentrate on getting your team ready for the next big game.

Transportation & Shuttle Services for Film Productions

From site scouting to shuttles for your actors and staff during shooting, Plush Transportation can handle all of your movie production group transportation needs. Keep passengers cool and comfortable while they are transported safely and efficiently to each destination.

Shuttle Services for Conventions

Plush Transportation can transport participants between locations during your next convention. To keep guests flowing seamlessly between business meetings and pleasurable get-togethers, travel from your convention center to local hotels, restaurants, and other attractions. We’ll match you with a private minibus for a one-of-a-kind shuttle service tailored to your needs.

Party Bus Rentals

Does no one want to be the designated driver? No worries. Let Plush Transportation chauffeur you and your friends around the city. Leave the pressure and stress of driving to us and enjoy your party.