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Plush Transportation change the way you travel.

Plush Transportation has been the hot topic lately whether or not to take Plush Transportation over ride shares or driving your own vehicle. Let’s be honest, Driving your own personal car to the airport is never better than taking Plush Transportation or better know as Town Car service, Limousine service. With all the perks of traveling with an Plush Transportation service can make all the difference. It’s almost like comparing a Motel 6 with a 5 Star hotel (no comparison).

Most inexperienced travelers don’t know the drive from anywhere to LAX in the morning or evening rush hour can be the absolute worst. 

Running late in bumper to bumper traffic while preparing for a phone conference in 5 minutes.  Ok, that might be a little extra but I’m sure it’s happened many times.  Nevertheless, getting ready for a trip is definitely manageable if you prepare and plan properly.  1st and foremost making sure that your day is thought-out how you’d like to get to the airport (etc…)

Question, Are you going to drive your own car and leave your vehicle in paid parking while you’re gone for a week? Or reserve an Plush Transportation service to pick you up from home, office or hotel and take you to LAX and get dropped off curbside? 

Decisions, Decisions…

The best way to help you decide if car service is the best option for travel plans is to ask yourself the following questions;

What time of the day am I leaving?

  • Are you planning to leave during rush hour? It could be a stress bomb if you do not allow yourself enough time and we all know when we rush, we forget!

Are you traveling by yourself or using a Plush Transportation service?

  • Traveling with lots of luggage can be a bit of a hassle getting all of your luggage to fit in the trunk. 
  • Plush Transportation Chauffeurs will meet you at your doorstep to assist you with all of your luggage.

Have you ever used Plush Transportation to the airport?

Plush Transportation is now one of the easiest ways to travel. Our company has a simple solution online booking 1,2,3 and you’re confirmed with a reservation in the vehicle of your choice. We have 24/7 dispatch including holidays. We’re able to accommodate last minute reservations with no problem. Our automated system delivers current status updates so you know where your driver is every step of the way. We track your flight with our in-house flight tracking system that alerts the driver as soon as your plane touches the ground.

Executive Transportation

Is hiring Plush Transportation car service more effective than driving?

  • No matter which airport your flying from or to; it can be a mad maze and because that’s the last thing you need is to park at the wrong terminal and have to push your bags to the other side of the airport. 
  • One wrong turn in the airport can set you back 10, 15 and even 20 minutes in some instances so we want to try and avoid that.
  • It’s always best if you don’t know exactly how to navigate through the airports to leave it to a professional. Plush Transportation chauffeurs are familiar with the airport and our chauffeurs know the most efficient route to get you to your terminal without any hiccups.
  • Well in most cases if you consider everything, car service is normally the most cost-effective way to go.
    • What’s there to consider?
      • The number of days you’ll pay for parking?
      • Cost of fuel to travel to the airport?
      • The value of your time
      • Unable to work on important projects or join conference calls while en route to the airport?

You don’t want to have to tote around a car seat everywhere while you’re on vacation.

The most important things to remember so that you don’t stress before the trip Is:

  • Have your suite cases packed days prior, because you’ll continue to add things you may have forgotten leading up to the departure date.
  • Make sure that your passport is current and packed in your carry-on
  • Allow yourself a little extra time.  It’s always better to arrive earlier than late.  You can have breakfast or dinner before your flight.
  • Reserve car service early to ensure availability and make sure it’s a reputable company otherwise that can become another issue.
  • Let Plush Transportation service take you to the airport with no stress or pre-travel jitters.

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