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8 Different Types of a Limo: Get Transported in Style

Did you know that the history of the limousine begins all the way back in 1902 at the turn of the twentieth century? This first version looks a lot different than the types of limos we are used to seeing today. In fact, the chauffeur of these early limos wasn’t even enclosed, leaving them exposed to all types of weather!

A lot has changed since then. Modern limousine styles are sleek, comfortable, and can accommodate big parties in many instances. One thing is for certain, though. When you ride in a limo of any kind, you are riding in style.

Are you curious about the different types of limos so you can plan out your next vacation or event?

Let’s take a look at eight different types of limousines.

1. Stretch SUV Limousine

This behemoth of a vehicle takes a modern spin on the classic stretch limo. Equipped with all of the amenities you want out of your limo experience, SUV stretch limos have a different vibe. More fun than sophisticated, you can find SUV stretch limos with an excellent sound system, LCD screens, and strobe lights.

Of course, they can also have a bar, sub-woofers, and more to keep the party going. This is the perfect choice for bachelorette or bachelor parties.

2. Sedan Limousine

The sedan limo can accommodate three to four passengers. Grand and compact, it’s likely the most cost-effective limo option out there. One of the most popular reasons for renting this type of limo is for business or corporate travelers.

This is a great alternative to a cab for people who like to travel with a greater degree of comfort to and from the airport. It’s also a great way to make a positive impression on a client or business associate. This is a great way to attend conferences or commute while traveling on business.

3. Stretch Limousine

A stretch limo is a sedan limo that’s been elongated to accommodate as many as 8 to 18 people. Packed full of special features to make sure this is a night to remember, you’ll have access to bars, audio-visual systems, LED lights, champagne flutes, and more.

In this style of limo, there is a window that separates the chauffeur from the rest of the passengers. The window can be operated by both the chauffeur and the passengers. Providing privacy and a sense of elegance, this is a great option for date nights, prom nights, and weddings.

4. Limousine Bus

This is the choice for extra-large parties of 30 people or even more. Equipped with bars, poles, strobes, upholstered sofas, a proper restroom, and more, this is the bus to take if you’re looking to party. There can even be a disco floor, drinking zones, and lights.

If you’re looking to host a mobile party, a limo bus is what you’re looking for. This is a great choice for birthday parties or bachelorette parties.

5. Hummer Limousine

If you’re looking to make a statement wherever you go, consider arriving in style in a Hummer limousine. Simultaneously looking elegant and rugged, there’s no ignoring this beast of a vehicle.

Easily accommodating more than 12 people, this is a great way to get around for large groups. They can feature everything from bars and television sets to video games and casino slots.

This is a popular choice for men as they can enjoy a drink and a game of poker on the ride. It’s also the perfect choice for a bachelorette party if the bride-to-be loves being the center of attention.

6. Lincoln Limousine

This type of limo is what you’d see in the dictionary next to the word “elegance.” Luxurious, comfortable, and the pinnacle of stylishness, a Lincoln limo is the creme de la creme.

Perfect for business trips, weddings, birthdays, and parties of all kinds, you can’t go wrong with a Lincoln limo.

7. Convertible Limousine

Do you love the idea of riding in a limo but you feel like it would leave you feeling a bit claustrophobic? No worries, the convertible limo is here to save the day.

With an open roof surface, the top can be easily raised and lower depending on the weather and your preferences. You can find the same type of amenities in this type of vehicle as you can in other limos. These include entertainment sections, bars, and more.

Able to fit more than eight people, this type of limo can be used for special events like prom night, weddings, and birthdays. However, you’ll want to think about the season before you book your ride!

8. Vintage Limousine

Are you old-school? Is your house decked out in vintage furniture and antique decor? If so, you might want to look the way of the vintage limo.

These limos are usually sedan style, able to seat four passengers. While it might not be decked out in all the ways that a hummer limo is, it has an old-school charm that offers a different type of experience.

Are You Looking to Ride in Style in California?

As you can see, there are tons of different types of limos out there. While many of them are interesting to learn about, not all of them are the most practical for your trip to the airport. Hiring a limo service can be a wonderful and relaxing alternative to hailing a cab, though, and can allow you valuable time in between meetings.

Are you looking to book a limo service in the San Diego area? We’re here to provide you with exceptional service that allows you to ride in luxury. If it’s time for you to book your next limo, fill out our booking form today!

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